Publications by Eckhard Roediger

  • Breaking Negative Relationship Patterns

    A Schema Therapy Self-help and Support Book. Oxford-New York: Wileytevens, B., & Roediger, E. (2016).

  • Schema Therapy with Couples
    A Practitioner’s Guide to Healing Relationships. Oxford-New York: Wiley. Simeone-DiFrancesco, C., Roediger, E., & Stevens, B. (2015). „The latter book introduces into the principles of Schema therapy with couples.

  • Couples Therapy Module System
    For those, who want to get practical, we presented our “Module System” with detailed instructions on this website. Please take a look and give it a try. You will be surprised, how well it works! This Video presented on the ISST Virtual Summit 2020 gives you an introduction.