Based on the experiences with online trainings and the support of the ISST we successfully started online-based trainings in 2021. Together with a number of therapists connected with the Frankfurt Schema Therapy Institute (IST-F) we now build up a Schema Therapy Online Academy offering special trainings completing your basic Schema therapy training. We will focus on Schema therapy for Couples, Contextual Schema Therapy (CST) and treating complex trauma and dissociative clients. Couples and CST trainings are already active. Working with complex trauma will follow in 2022.

The couples training covers the whole ISST-certification guidelines including a supervision option. Beyond that, we offer special events like training days for the most difficult modules and themes like “affairs”. The contextual- and trauma-trainings count for ISST continuous education credit points.

Video-Announcement Schematherapy for Couples

Video-Announcement Contextual Schema Therapy

We offer two training formats to make participation comfortable for you:

To get a deeper impression about our work you might take a look at the Couples Module System, at the live demonstration videos of the CST-interventions, or at one of our video tutorials (coming soon) telling more about the underpinnings of our work.

Enjoy the materials and feel invited to our trainings,
Eckhard Roediger MD
(Director of the Frankfurt Schema Therapy Institute)